How It Works - Vitamin C

Before Application - Dry, rough and irritated skin is often caused by unprotected exposure to the sun and pollutants throughout the day. Thoroughly cleanse and dry the skin prior to application to ensure deep penetration.

First Drop - The SoSmooth Vitamin C Serum is packed with all the essentials that aid in skin rejuvenation, hydration and brightening. A small amount goes a long way, simply press the serum into the skin to ensure the most even and deep application.

Key Ingredients - Vitamin C and E, aloe, witch hazel and hyaluronic acid are just some of the key ingredients in this serum. They all work together to cool, soothe, plump and hydrate the skin. 

Fresh Face - Your new skin will thank you for the deep hydration and fading of dark spots that comes along with consistent use.