How It Works

What Makes the SoSmooth Patches Work?

To start off, you should know that silicone has been around for decades now. It has been used in many different industries, including both medical and cosmetic.
Real studies have shown that medical grade silicone has worked wonders on burns and surface scars, so we thought, why not wrinkles too?
The patches work by drawing in moisture from the lower layers of the skin for a more deeper and balanced hydration. The micro-environment that is formed once the patches are on your skin allow the rich hydration to penetrate more deeply, compared to what a cream would do that just sits on the first layer of your skin.
With this new environment formed, your skin is happy and thriving, giving you an increase in blood stimulation. This is key in giving you that youthful, plump and radiant complexion.
With all this new blood flow and hydration, your skin will not only feel rejuvenated, but will look it too! 

How To Use?

Step 1 - Before applying the patch, cleanse, dry, and apply all necessary skincare. Make sure that all other skin products are completely absorbed otherwise the patches will not stick properly!
Step 2 - Remove the film gently & add the patch to the desired area. Use patches for a few hours for a quick result or overnight for full benefits. Add the patches into your daily routine for long-lasting results
Step 3 - Rinse with cold water after each session and allow the patches to dry - sticky side up. Put patches back on the film. Reusable up to 15 times with proper care.